What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer when you visit a website. This text file saves informations that can be collected by a website when you visit it later. To access to some features of a website, some of those cookies are necessary. Other cookies are also useful for the visitor : they securely saved the user name or the language preference for example. Cookies simply mean that everytime you visit a website, it won’t be necessary to input the same informations.

Why spasourcelarocheposay.fr use cookies ?

spasourcelarocheposay.fr use cookies to give you an optimal user experience, adapted to your personal preferences. By using cookies, spasourcelarocheposay.fr make sure you don’t need to input the same informations everytime you visit our shop online. Cookies are also used to maximize the website performances. spasourcelarocheposay.fr has taken all the necessary organizational and technical actions to protect your personal datas just as a possible information loss or any illicit processing form. For further information, you may consult our clause related to the personal datas protection.

Google Analytics Statistics Cookies

Those cookies enable to obtain visits statistics of the websites jeanviet.info and blogbuster.fr and to detect browsing problems in order to track and improve the quality of our services. Social media sharing cookies Some pages contain social medias buttons or extensions that enable you to run their features, and especially to share the website contents with other persons.

When you are on a website page that contains one of those buttons or extensions, your browser may send informations to the social media which can understand it is your profile.

Social medias cookies that we can’t control, can then be saved on your browser by those medias. We invite you to consult each social medias privacy politics, in order to read carefully the conditions of use of your browser informations that can collect the social medias because of those buttons and extensions.


How can I disable cookies ?

You can configure your Internet browser to disable cookies. However, take note that if you disallow cookies, your user name and your password won’t be saved on any website.


1. Open Firefox
2. Press the « Alt » key
3. In the menu on the top of the page, clic on « Tools » then « Options »
4. Select tab « Privacy »
5. In the scrolling menu on the right of « Conservation rules », clic on « Use Custom settings for history »
6. Below, uncheck « Accept cookies »
7. Clic on « OK » to save your preferences.

Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. In menu « Tools », select « Internet Options »
3. Clic on « Privacy »
4. Clic on « Advanced » and uncheck « Accept »
5. Clic on « OK » to save your preferences.

Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome
2. Clic on the tools icon in menu bar
3. Select « Settings »
4. Clic on tab « Show Advanced Settings »
5. In the scrolling menu «Cookies», select « Block all the cookies »


1. Open Safari
2. In menu bar above, clic on « Safari », then « Preferences »
3. Select icon « Security »
4. Next to « Accept cookies », tick « Never »
5. If you want to see cookies that are already saved on your computer, clic on «Show cookies »
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