Are you after some time to yourself, to unwind and step away from it all? Our teams are here to advise you and support you during the whole of your stay.

To enjoy the essentials of the spa and its velvet water, find the fome, feel good about yourself. Invigorating treatments, relaxing massages and sessions of physical activities[...]
à partir de 828€
A completely personalized premium treatment where you compose your program yourself. You will come out beautifully relaxed, de-stressed, skin embellished by our Velvet Water. 6[...]
à partir de 1 362€
Want to lose your extra pounds but all alone you crack too easily? Our teams are here to help you! With the starter slimming, you really lose weight, you take good food habits with[...]
You know the Fitness? Discover the Essential Relaxation by La Roche Posay. Care protocols designed exclusively worldwide with the brand La Roche Posay, Dermatological Laboratory. A[...]
à partir de 990€
Who better than La Roche Posay could offer you a real anti-aging package? Expertise skin, selenium and calcium contained in thermal water, this specific program repairs tissue and[...]
à partir de 1 227€
SPECIAL ADOS DE 13 à 18 ANS A tout petit prix, un soin par jour ! 6 JOURS . 6 SOINS Programme :  • 1 Bain Hydromassant Sensoriel • 1 Massage sous pluie d’eau thermale ou à[...]
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