Our massage sessions are an invitation for you to go on a sensory journey during which your body will give way completely to relaxation. The power of the hands and of the aromatic mixtures envelops your body in a shell of harmony that will take you on a journey across every continent. The experience of a moment, of a sensation, of a unique emotion.


A personalised massage that is based on deep loosening of muscles and tendons. After a short seated period for personalised diagnosis, tapping, kneading, hand palpation, and hand rolling,[...]
A classic of the genre! Long slow and fluid movements, made of oil all over the body, relieve tension and bring a deep relaxation. Ideal to learn body massage. Duration: 50 min[...]
This back massage is a moment of pure relaxation to relieve this particularly sensitive area. Duration: 25 min  INFORMATION & RESERVATION:   > Discover other[...]
A manual rolling palpate to loosen the adipose tissue and facilitate the elimination. Made with essential oils of Cypress, Juniper, Sage or Green Tea, it helps relieve fat deposits[...]
Aromatic scrub of 20 minutes, followed by a Cocoon massage of 40 minutes. A delicious pack for intense relaxation and perfectly smoothed and hydrated skin. Duration: 60min - Rate[...]
Le massage latéral est spécialement conçu pour les femmes enceintes de 3 mois ½ à 7 mois ½. Des manœuvres douces et enveloppante.Ce massage latéral est idéal pour vous accorder mesdames[...]
ÉNERGISANT PAR DIGITO-PRESSIONS Ce massage par digito-pressions est une succession de manoeuvres qui vous apportent un remarquable lâcher-prise, vous conduisant à un bien-être physique[...]
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