A water with unique virtues (recognised as being of public use by the Academy of Medicine in 1869).

The water is used to treat skin problems. La Roche Posay thermal centre is Europe’s leading centre for thermal dermatology. It is the benchmark in matters of treatments involving skin care.
Pure, soothing, and repairing, La Roche Posay thermal velvet water has, over millennia deep in the Earth, acquired beneficial properties used in over 60 different treatments.


It is miraculous water that contains three natural oligo-elements that are essential for the skin:

  • Selenium: an anti-oxidant and an anti-free-radical agent
  • Silica: healing and soothing
  • Calcium: regenerating and nourishing

Its benefits:

  • For the skin: it treats, heals, and tones
  • For the figure: it shapes, refines, and drains
  • For the mind: it rests, relaxes, and de-stresses

The aim of balneotherapy is to treat the body whilst calming the mind. By turns soothing and toning, “Velvet” water and its thousands of little bubbles caress the body and massage it energetically for cell oxygenation, vaso-dilation, and blood-circulation stimulation, and to help with slimming.


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