Expert in cosmetic aromatherapy

Through our aromatic rituals designed with our partner Decléor, we offer you a unique art of beauty and wellness drawn from a rigorous selection of natural ingredients for sensory treatments that will take you on a journey to the heart of essential nature.


Founded by a renowned USA dermatologist, Skinceuticals® has become the reference brand for Médispa in the USA. Skinceuticals® provides exclusive professional solutions to prevent and correct the signs of skin ageing, thanks to formulations that have high concentrations of pure active ingredients. Its personalised method of diagnosis means that Skinceuticals® can offer treatments that are tailor-made to your needs, and that combine a synergy of active dermatological ingredients with exceptional professional techniques in massage and relaxation.
Our “plus”: all our Skinceuticals® treatments contain a face spray that soothes after the exfoliation phase and accelerates the skin-recovery process.


For over 40 years, La Roche Posay Dermatological Laboratory has collaborated with dermatologists and devised treatments using La Roche Posay thermal water to change the life of sensitive skin.
Rigorous selection of active ingredients in optimum concentration. Products tested under dermatological control on allergic, atopic, or reactive skin. Their effectiveness is demonstrated by clinical and observational studies.
Exclusively at La Roche Posay Spa Source, treatment protocols that are adapted and specially designed for sensitive skins, combined with all the expertise of products from La Roche Posay Laboratories.


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